Meet Christine

Hi there! I’m Christine Okezie.

I founded Your Delicious Balance to share my passion and talent for sumptuous healing foods. I am a lover of tantalizing, beautiful plant-centered eating. I believe that food is truly one of the greatest pleasures in life and eating food that is healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice pleasure. I have transformed my health and vitality over the last six years with the amazing effects of a whole foods plant-rich lifestyle. By discovering step by step how to upgrade my food choices, I released excess weight, put an end to sugar cravings and emotional struggles with food, gained a renewed appreciation for my body, and above all regained my energy and zest for life when I thought my best body and health was all behind me.

I am a Holistic Health Counselor, certified by the Association of Drugless Practitioners. I received my education at NYC’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), where I learned over 100 dietary theories with exclusive training from world class health and wellness experts in the field of nutrition and integrative medicine. I am a persistent student with continuing education in the field of Functional Nutrition.  I am also a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Certified Transformation Coach.

Finally, I am a trained Natural Foods Chef. I graduated from NYC’s Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts (“NGI”) , the leader in vegetarian and health supportive cooking. NGI, I learned how to prepare beautiful delicious healthy cuisine guided by the philosophy that what we eat significantly affects our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Cooking nourishing meals for ourselves and loved ones can be a very empowering thing and I am excited to share this with you.

In addition to my private counseling practice, you can find me throughout northern Bergen County giving lively and inspiring culinary workshops and presentations where I show you that reclaiming your health can be fun, easy and above all delicious.

I was also recently featured as one of the Top Green Housewives in Bergen Health & Life Magazine for my work. I love to write and you can read my health and wellness articles in Natural Awakenings, Elevated Existence and Inner Realm Magazines.

I also invite you to visit my Events page to find upcoming classes and subscribe to my Newsletter to be the first to know about events, recipes and healthy living tips.

My Approach

No Diets, No Gimmicks – Just Real Food and Real Life Issues

IPE Certification
I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I explore some key domains of your life that need peace and healing. Creating balance in the personal realm is often a doorway to resolving our struggles with food, weight and health:

  • Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat?
  • What negative, self-limiting beliefs and behaviors do you hold about food, your body and your life that are keeping you stuck?
  • Are you locked into perfectionism or an all or nothing approach to healthy eating?

Your Delicious BalanceAt the same time, I employ a functional approach to guiding you to better health. Instead of focusing on symptoms and then applying a one-size fits-all approach, I am trained to search for the “root cause” for your health concerns and engage you in a nutrition plan that evolves over time throughout my coaching program. After all, true health is about being deeply nourished by both the food you eat and the life you live.

I work in response to your body and lifestyle needs in a personalized way, step by step as your health coach so as not to overwhelm you. My approach is both collaborative and dynamic.

In short, I respond to your physiological and emotional feedback as you implement steady, meaningful changes into your life. The solutions we come up with are custom-made for you so they are effective and durable. And because your success is all about support, I am here for you to coach and cheerlead you every step of the way.

HMBA_TCMSealMy nutritional recommendations are guided by my Core Philosophy:

  • Eat Real Food
  • Respect Bio-Individuality
  • Eat and Live Toxin Free
  • Embrace Plant Centered Eating
  • If You Eat Meat – Seek Quality and Know your Source




As a client of my Health Coaching program, you can…

  • It's Not a Diet, it's a LifestyleOvercome food cravings and destructive eating habits
  • Learn to prepare simple, delicious healthy menus
  • Become empowered as you simplify the art of healthy cooking
  • Resolve digestive distress
  • Achieve a healthy, lean body naturally and without deprivation
  • Learn to make smarter food buying and restaurant menu choices
  • Gain an appreciation for high quality natural foods
  • Learn simple lifestyle changes to reduce stress
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Disease-proof your body
  • Experience a remarkable increase in your energy and vitality
  • Explore new healing modalities