Success Stories

Before I started working with Christine I was under enormous stress, was feeling overwhelmed by all of my obligations, and felt that I would never lose those "last ten pounds".  I was frustrated about being stuck at a weight that was too high despite what I considered to be a fairly healthy lifestyle, and I also wanted to be able to cope with stress better. I didn't feel positive enough about my life, and that always bothered me.  While I didn't have any major health issues, thankfully, I didn't feel really healthy or energetic, and wanted to feel more in balance. I also wanted to feel more in control of my own life. 

 One of your favorite aspects of coaching is that Christine had a great way of easing me into my new lifestyle by making small changes early on, and then, when I had achieved some successes, encouraging me to try more challenging modifications to my diet and lifestyle.  Since working with Christine I feel that I have more balance in all aspects of my life, but not just in my eating habits. Of course, my eating is better, as Christine's plan showed me how to eliminate cravings, make better choices, and feel satisfied and healthier as a result of my new choices, which makes it easy to stay on track. But more than that, I've started to feel that I have the power to make choices about other aspects of my life as well. So not only is my skin glowing and my clothes fitting better, but I feel like I own my own life.  Christine is super supportive, non-judgmental, and full of great suggestions and guidance.   For me, she was really more of a life coach than just a health coach. 

Thank you Christine – You have truly changed my life.

 - Linda S.


 I suffer from PCOS and Hashimotos Thyroiditis and find western medication in many cases to be more challenging then helpful. I have seen several nutritionists, but no one has helped me like Christine.  Instead of just instructing me on what not to eat, she explained why I shouldn't be eating certain things. She was also the first to provide me with quality replacement foods and ways to prepare them. By providing a wealth of information she helped me better understand my body’s needs. Since following Christine's guidance I have experienced an increase in energy, better ways of coping with my stress, decreased stomach issues, and my weight and overall health has improved. I am very grateful for the time I had to work with Christine. It has served myself and my family very well. 

 - Liz G.


 Before I began my health coaching program, my biggest challenges were my health along with problems at work and problems at home.  These problems created high levels of stress followed by eating and more eating.  It caused chronic fatigue, which made me want to eat for energy.  Everything was out of control.  I felt an inability to take charge of things. I finally said, “enough is enough” when I didn’t recognize myself in a picture!

 My favorite aspects of coaching included how Christine took me slowly through the process of “upgrading my food choices”, never making me feel like I was on a diet.  This was very important and made my journey easier.

 As a result, my stress is much more manageable, my fatigue is gone, I went down 2 sizes in clothing, I have no cravings, I am not hungry and my shoes fit comfortably.  I feel like myself again.

 Christine is a caring, bubbly person who gives lots of positive reinforcement and cares as much about you and what’s happening in your life as you do.

 - Eileen D.



When we first began working together my life was so out of balance. My weight out of control, my life a carefully orchestrated chaotic blend of work and family and no time for me. During our first few sessions we immediately connected and I found myself sharing parts of my life with you that I would never have shared with a complete stranger before. My hopes, my dreams, my problems, my secrets I found myself confessing to you. Your ability to make someone feel so at ease about themselves is overwhelming. You became the biggest cheerleader of my life. You taught me how to say NO for the first time ever. You showed me that it is ok to put ME first and that no one would be angry about it. You coached me in the skills that I needed to start getting my weight and my health under control. I learned during our sessions coping skills for the every day stress as well as being able to recognize the stresses I was creating for myself.  You helped me conquer the Diet Coke addiction!!   I not only consider you my nutritionist, my life coach, my therapist I consider you my friend and you will always be an important part of my life. There is still alot of work to be done, but with your help I am on the way. I am forever grateful.


- Shannon H. 

Before coaching with Christine.  I was not feeling well overall. I had a lack of energy.  I needed 9-10 hours sleep every night. I was unable to lose weight even though following Weight Watchers. I had lost 20 pounds very slowly over 2 years but hit a plateau and could not lose more even though I was following the diet and exercising more. I felt very discouraged at being able to improve overall health.  I had no idea of where to begin and was very confused by all the different programs and diets claiming to have the answer. I had an overwhelming feeling of being stuck.

 I was making the transition to retirement and finding it difficult to take advantage of the opportunity to do things that I had been wanting to do for a long time. Lack of energy made it difficult to plan next steps. I kept finding it very hard to get interested in new things.  I kept putting off doing anything until I was "in the mood" or had the energy.  I was not feeling very good about myself and beating myself up about not being able to lose weight.

 A friend suggested we attend a lunch and learn program Christine was conducting. I found the lectures interesting and enjoyed the foods she prepared. A few months later, I signed up for a more in-depth group program Christine was conducting over an 8-week period. I learned a lot more about the impact of the foods we eat on our health but still wasn't sure where to start. I decided I wanted base line blood work done to assess my overall health and found out that I was insulin resistant which explained most of my symptoms. I was well on my way to having Type 2 Diabetes, even though I have no family history of diabetes. These test results made me decide that the now was the time once and for all, to take control over my health. I decided to work one-on-one with Christine immedialtely.

My favorite aspects of Christine’s coaching program are the personalized information and greater understanding of my personal needs. I have learned which foods I should avoid and have experienced how much better I feel when I don't eat them. Christine also provides a wide range of recipes that have helped me expand the types of food I cook and enjoy.

Since working with Christine, I have lost another 15 pounds as I got the insulin resistance under control. I have been able to stop taking cholesterol medication and no longer need to use a C-Pap machine for sleep apnea. I have a significantly increased energy level and my interest and intellectual curiosity levels have returned to where they were years ago. I have become involved in new activities and have continued in leadership roles in other activities.

Christine is very interested in the health and well-being of her clients. She is committed to helping clients understand their unique nutrition needs and finding practical solutions to meeting those needs. She is a unique combination of nutritionist and chef which helps clients not only understand their needs but also how to prepare tasty and varied foods.  Christine is an extremely good listener, which helps clients understand the connections between the stresses of their day-to-day life and their health/nutrition issues.

 - Anne R.


I have known Christine Okezie for about 2 ½ years now and I have to say that she has been an inspiration to me. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge about holistic nutrition and healthy cooking, but her pleasant manner in truly listening and guiding you toward your goals is rare and wonderful, especially with someone as frustrated as I was when I first met Christine! I was tired of doctors that won’t spend the needed time with you and/or doctors that want to treat a body party (heart, lung, etc.) instead of a whole patient.  Christine sits down with you in a one on one session and finds out your lifestyle and what foods you enjoy, etc. From there, she will come up with a meal plan for you made up of whole foods that will lead you on your path to wellness and fitness.  Christine also offers an array of Lunch and Learn series where she will teach you about nutrition while cooking a simple healthy meal for the class. I’ve been to a number of these series of classes and I’ve always learned a lot and enjoyed every one of them.  I am currently attending her Winter Cleanse series and I’m feeling wonderful. Christine is up to the minute on current nutrition and as soon as it is learned that something is not so healthy, she is there to let you know. Who would have known that agave may not be so good for you after all?  I have learned so much from Christine that I was unaware of before and I am someone that tries to stay on top of eating healthy. You would be surprised as to what you have in your home that you believe is healthy and in fact could be wreaking havoc on your health. The food in my cabinets and refrigerator has changed tremendously since I’ve met Christine and so has my total cholesterol down from 250 to 193!

 -Christine B.


Before coaching, I was feeling achy and tired and discouraged by the challenge of losing weight (I was told to lose 15 pounds by my doctor).  I had developed fear that I would get all kinds of illnesses.  I had a lot of stress as my parents are aging and need a lot of attention and help. I was feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of family and work.  As a result, I was constantly snacking on foods, which had a lot of sugar and salt.  I would watch silly TV and numb myself with food rather than get on with the work I had to do. 

What inspired me to say “enough is enough” and inspired me to work with a coach was the realization that it was so painful to see my parents suffering.  I needed to be healthy so that I could help them and others.  I also wanted to stop moping around and become more engaged with everyday living.

My favorite aspects of working with Christine was being able to talk about my personal food issues and to connect them with the possibility of change.  She is an excellent listener.  She also helped me to see that change was possible when I was close to giving up.  I started feeling better immediately with the doable changes.  Once she helped me turn the corner (and believe me, I was scared), taking care of myself not only became easy, but a real pleasure.  In fact, instead of a diet, it became an adventure!  This adventure did not even stop with the final coaching session.  Her kindness and suggestions keep coming back as I look at the recipes and food list.  Also, I love the fact that it wasn't all about eating but about living.  For example, she reminded me how important breathing is when under stress!  

I have and am continuing to lose weight, a little at a time (I have lost about five pounds in the last 4 weeks so far).  I have less achiness and more energy and focus.  I know that the changes I have made in one month were easy and will become a part of my life permanently.  I learned it is not about perfection but making choices, which are easy, fun, and make me feel good.  My stomach feels better and I am planning to get off medication for GERD. I am enjoying cooking and shopping for food.  There are more vegetables, fruits, and healthy proteins in my kitchen!  I feel more energetic and less tired, more focused and less foggy.  I also feel confident that I can make changes in my life so that I can be healthier and happier.

Christine is a great listener and a coach who inspires with kindness and intelligence. It is easy to be honest and open because she listens without judgment. When each coaching session ended, I always felt positive and encouraged. Most importantly, she is an effective coach because I still feel like I can continue on this journey.  I was very nervous spending money and time on myself.  Best investment ever!!!

 - Bessy I.


First, I want to say with conviction - my successful diet plan with Christine has changed my life! I have lost 50 pounds and feel great!   I love wearing nice clothes again and showing off my new body.  It has rejuvenated me and given me back confidence that I forgot I had lost by getting older into my 50’s.  I have been told, the plan and weight loss has taken 10 years off my appearance

Christine was a great coach.  I feel that she was not only my coach, but became my friend during the process.  She was always encouraging and never condescending about any of my choices.

 I began my sessions with Christine back in May 2013.  I was overweight by about 40 pounds, was on meds for high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, and was insulin resistant.  I am off all medication now. I always felt bloated, tired and was very unhappy with how I felt about myself and looked.  My gynecologist, recommended Christine to me.   I felt “desperate” to lose weight and get healthy when I began my sessions with Christine.  I was focused and committed to the 5 -month plan that I signed on for.

 I believe if you want to do something you have never done –you need to do something you never did before —to achieve that goal.  Initially the thought of signing onto a 5 month program with the cost associated with the program—seemed expensive.  But I made the decision to invest in myself and “do something that I never did before” to achieve my goal—to lose weight and get healthy!!!

Christine began with reviewing all my eating habits and we immediately cut out all dairy products followed by all products with Gluten.    I began losing weight the first week and I consistently lost about 2 pounds only a week for the first few months.  I began taking a pro biotic daily and vitamins she recommended.   Initially, I wanted to lose 20lbs fast, and wanted instant results and Christine said it would come, to be patient—and the weight came off.  The first 20 pounds seems slow to lose but the second 20 lbs. seemed faster.  The last 10lbs.  was without trying at all. My body stopped when it was at its perfect weight.  I am 57 years old, and 5 foot 4 and currently weight between 118-120.    I have not weighed this since I was in my late 20’s. 

The transition to Gluten and Dairy free was not that difficult for me because with Christine’s guidance, I began eating lots of vegetables, meat and fruits and nuts.  I was eating all the time (small amounts), and never was hungry. I planned what I was eating every day and the changes were not a diet for me, but a lifestyle change.  The one thing that did not work for me was the smoothies.  I would rather “chew” the food, then “drink it”!

 I was a 3-can a day diet coke drinker before Christine, and I am happy to say I have not consumed a diet coke since beginning my treatment in May 2013.  Now, I drink tea and lots of water. I was a person who never ate breakfast, and now I do every day.  I consume more meat, than I ever did before.  I used to be a carb junkie, and don’t miss carbs and pasta a bit. 

 I am a walking advertisement for Christine and anyone who knows me can’t believe how much weight I have lost, and how good I look.  I tell everyone about Christine, going Gluten and Dairy free and how it has changed my life.  I look forward to every day—having energy—feeling and looking great. 

 - Laurie K.


Before coaching, I struggled with constipation, weight, hormone Imbalance and self acceptance.  In hind sight, I was not aware of anything accept focusing on negative feelings and negative symptoms. From what I knew I was just going to have to learn how to suck it up and live a life of deprivation. I had already been seeing medical doctors for about 13 or 14 years for my medical issues. I was in trials, put on tons of different medicines and beat myself up even when working out at the gym because "it wasn't enough".  I remember always feeling shameful.

 One of my doctors, Dr. Cindy Parnes, recommended Christine to me.  

 My favorite aspect of coaching was understanding and confirming the importance of listening to my body and my instincts when it comes to my health.  I became aware that I could do more for myself than I was aware of.   I felt heard. I felt that Christine was truly interested in helping me. I loved going to see her. Oh, the recipes and introduction to new foods!

 Since working with Christine, I have taken sugar, dairy and wheat out of my diet About a year later, I am eating a Paleo based diet. I didn't get caught up in counting calories, just eliminating those foods that weren’t serving me. I am not feeling deprived at all. I went from relying on medicine to go to the bathroom to being medicine free and having normal digestive health. The best part is feeling positive, clean and healthy. I even have my 2 sons eating healthy.

 I felt Christine wanted to help resolve my issues just as much as I did. I felt important and looked forward to our meetings. I love that you offer advice and feedback freely. Thank you, you had such a significant impact on my life!

 -Michelle M.


Before I started working with Christine I was worried about my health because I was eating what I thought was a healthy diet but I was steadily gaining weight in my waist area. Nothing was working! I was constantly tired and felt I was living in a "brain fog". My mother had developed dementia in her later years and it scared me as we both had similar symptoms in our late 50's and early 60's. I had chronic indigestion, acid reflux and diarrhea sometimes 15-20 times a day! I was miserable!

 My life was a constant fear of not being near a bathroom, I was afraid I would have an accident. Running for the bathroom was embarrassing and interfered with all aspects of my life. I was up and down all night long, never getting a good nights sleep which made my fibromyalgia symptoms very difficult to deal with and be able to function while working a stressful, full time job.

I could not take the symptoms and was tired of being told that there was nothing serious as long as my weight was not dropping. It was ridiculous to feel so awful and get no relief. I had hypertension, cholesterol imbalance and my A1c was just one step below diabetic status.

Christine was so easy to talk with and in following her advice within two days I felt better! My diarrhea ceased and my brain fog started to lift. I was able to sleep and function at a normal level! My A1c is now normal, my cholesterol is perfect, and my Fibro symptoms flare only occasionally but are quite manageable without anything more than taking one Vanquish tablet.  have lost 37 pounds to date, and plan on losing at least another 15-20. I no longer eat dairy or gluten but honestly I do not miss them. I rarely crave anything and have become creative in healthy cooking and dining out. Most restaurants accommodate whatever you need as long as you communicate.

Since working with Christine, I am much better at prioritizing myself and asking for help when I need something. My communication skills in general have improved as my confidence increased due to feeling well! My marriage is happier as I am not tired and sick all the time. My husband has been a huge support in cooking for me and calling ahead to find out if I can be accommodated at restaurants. We laugh and enjoy each other far more than before and I didn't know it could be this much better! I finally got the courage to leave my job of twenty-one and a half years in a stressful work environment and I have a new job in a happy and professional environment. I have learned to value myself as I value others!

Christine has been a caring and motivating coach. She was able to educate me in proper nutrition based on my conditions and to help me form recipes that were easy and delicious. She always listened to what I was saying and then helped me to make better choices not just in foods but also in approaching stress. I am blessed to be her client and highly recommend her to help anyone who is serious about reclaiming their health and life!

 - Libby D.


With Christine's guidance, I have lost nearly 30 lbs, I have increased energy and I'm beginning to see that a lifetime of proper nutrition and health is well within my reach.  Patient, calming, knowledgeable and encouraging are just a few words to describe Christine. She is there to work with you in finding solutions every step of the way.

 The biggest piece of the puzzle that was solved with Christine’s help was ridding the body of an overgrowth of Candida with a special food regimen.  If there is any issue you are dealing with relating to weight, digestive concerns or hormonal symptoms, I would most heartily recommend working with Christine to address nutritional concerns that may be keeping you from enjoying food and life more than you are now.

 After a lifetime of diets, calorie and points counting, and quick weight loss supplements, I have finally found an easier, smart and healthier approach to keeping the weight off. Thank you Christine.

 - Linda M.


I started with Christine because I couldn't lose weight no matter what I did, and had the worst IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I went to see doctor after doctor and no one could help me until I met with Christine and she changed my life. Since working with Christine I have made better life choices, I have lost 20 lbs, and I know how to eat healthy and know what foods are smart foods to eat. Christine has helped me through so much. She is beyond helpful with everything like choosing the right foods to eat, the best and most delicious recipes( that are very easy to make considering cooking was not my forte). I would recommend This program to anyone who is struggling with weight loss or someone who is just trying to find a healthier way of life. Thank you so much Christine!!

 -  Jillian A.


I have been living with Ulcerative Colitis for many years and recently had a colonoscopy. My physician contacted me and told me the biopsy results showed that I have Cryptitis, an inflammatory condition, and that I would need to take Prednisone for 6 months. I was devastated and asked my physician if I could please get through the holidays and make some changes and see him in January for a follow-up.  I knew exactly who I needed to call.  It has been about 5 weeks now that I have been working with Christine and I have never felt better!  I have more energy, my skin and hair look better, I feel less pain and I am not having sugar cravings like I used to.  Christine is such an amazing health coach for so many reasons.  What I love about her the most is her warmth and compassion. Christine is a gem and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a health coach for medical conditions or to lose weight.

 - Lori R.


Christine is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, and inspiring holistic health coaches that anyone can ever meet.  Christine has taught me to eat great flavorful foods that can enhance my health, my energy and decrease the inflammation in my body.  I applied some of Christine’s recommendations after attending one of her workshops and after just a few days, I feel better than I have ever felt.  In fact, even though I am very fit, I still struggled with a bit of a stomach pouch, which has already started to disappear just after 2 days.   As a professional personal trainer, yoga instructor for the past 18 years, I highly recommend Christine to anyone who wants to achieve optimal energy, heal their bodies and lose weight to contact her immediately.  I would never endorse anyone unless I thought they were the best!  Thank you Christine for inspiring me to get my body to be very healthy and strong! 

 - Eve S.


Before coaching, I struggled with getting things done, eating properly and being organized.  I think the organization and achieving all the tasks I set for myself led me to feeling overwhelmed. I didn't eat properly-I didn't overeat, but I tended to eat processed foods such as food bars.  What inspired me to work with Christine was initially improving my nutrition because I didn't have time to eat correctly, but then we developed the momentum to look at what was really behind the frenetic activity.  One of my favorite aspects of working with Christine was just having someone listen and be able to offer solutions that come from a completely objective place. Christine helped me to reframe some of the aspects of my life and freed up the negativity from that space. 

 I also no longer use artificial sweeteners and have developed an enjoyment of cooking. I don't carry as much stuff around with me-literally-I had a lot of stuff. I think I like myself a bit more because I can identify positive aspects of my personality. And I have learned the skill of scheduling to accomplish tasks. I don't always do it still, but I know that I can and how to do it.

 Christine is a very supportive and focused coach that can look at the things in your life that can be improved and help you with the steps to achieve those improvements.

 - B. Noyes


I have known Christine Okezie for about 1 ½ years now and I have to say that she has been an inspiration to me. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge about holistic nutrition and healthy cooking, but her pleasant manner in truly listening and guiding you toward your goals is rare and wonderful, especially with someone as frustrated as I was when I first met Christine! I was tired of doctors that won’t spend the needed time with you and/or doctors that want to treat a body party (heart, lung, etc.) instead of a whole patient.

 Christine also offers an array of Lunch and Learn series where she will teach you about nutrition while cooking a simple healthy meal for the class. I’ve been to a number of these series of classes and I’ve always learned a lot and enjoyed every one of them.  I am currently attending her Winter Cleanse series and I’m feeling wonderful. Christine is up to the minute on current nutrition and as soon as it is learned that something is not so healthy, she is there to let you know.

 I have learned so much from Christine that I was unaware of before and I am someone that tries to stay on top of eating healthy. You would be surprised as to what you have in your home that you believe is healthy and in fact could be wreaking havoc on your health. The food in my cabinets and refrigerator has changed tremendously since I’ve met Christine and so has my total cholesterol down from 250 to 193!

 -Christine B.


 Working with Christine has been a great experience.  Before starting my program, my digestive health was very poor.  After completing the program, my digestive problems are much less and I feel much better.  This was my main goal and I also lost weight with the program.  I was surprised that I would be eating much less meat in my health plan.  I now eat more vegetables, beans, nuts and fruit.  The smoothies are great, even the green smoothies which I did not think would taste very good. I would highly recommend Christine as a health coach.  She listens to your health concerns and finds ways to help you reach your individual goals.  I am really thankful that I met her and had the experience of learning from her.

 - Mary Ann C.

They say, "Everyone has a gift"… Christine’s gift is the way she combines all of her experience and knowledge of holistic health and nutrition - she simplifies it and tailors it to your lifestyle so that you can begin to make the necessary changes to improve your life.   Her fabulous approach to a healthy lifestyle really comes across in her workshop demonstrations.  It's Personal Service and It's Priceless!


- Katrina C.


I attended Christine’s workshops to learn more about food and nutrition with the idea of improving my own health and that of my family.  I now look at food very differently when shopping for it; preparing it at home or eating out.  I am so much more selective and aware of my food choices.   My food choices have changed…I eat a lot less meat, prepare many more greens, beans and other vegetables.  I don’t feel hungry or snack as much in between meals.  I am slowly but surely losing weight. Although that is not my primary motivation But I am just not eating the same way as I used to.  Christine is a wonderful teacher who clearly has a great deal of knowledge about food, nutrition and food preparation. 

 - Diane L.


To begin with I enjoy cooking and believe every meal should be special.  I decided to take Christine’s workshop to see what her vision was.  Christine is a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition.  The sharing of this information has helped me to improve my eating and cooking habits.  As a result, I made some changes to our diet. Being aware of whole foods in my diet for over 40 years, my taking Christine’s class only confirmed my beliefs and she has given me new insight.  I would highly recommend Christine to anyone interested in improving their health through whole foods. 

 - Barbara S.


A very good friend had asked me to attend an 8-week healthy eating class, given by Christine and I am happy that I said yes.  I have so many food issues and allergies and came to find out that I am not alone in that so many people have allergies or intolerances to foods.   Christine is a professional, non-judgmental an extremely personable teacher who made coming to the classes fun and very informative.  I would have to say that the most important things that I walked away with was Awareness, which as far as I am concerned, is half the battle to a healthy lifestyle and for this I thank Christine and look forward to attending other classes that she is offering.

 - Carol P


When I met Christine in March of 2012 I was exactly the person she was describing: although I was in good health I felt sluggish and bloated, and I needed to lose some weight.  I was ready for a change.  Listening to Christine gave me the incentive I needed to change my eating habits. She is very knowledgeable about the topics she presents and is a very personable, friendly, and truly caring person. I determined to change my eating habits because I wanted to feel better physically and I wanted to continue to enjoy good health.

My mantra became “sugar is the enemy”.  Green smoothies became a daily habit with me. Overeating chocolate and sweets became a thing of the past.   I increased my intake of vegetables and varied them; I ate less animal protein.  I started to feel better, lost weight, got compliments on how well I looked. After 16 months my routine blood work results showed that my efforts had paid off. I feel free to indulge every so often but it’s no longer a daily thing.

Everyone deserves to feel as well as they can.  Putting aside whatever your indulgence is isn’t as difficult as you’d expect. Christine’s routines and recipes are definitely worth incorporating into your life.  You deserve to feel and be your best. Change for the better.

 -Mary Ann M.